Hey world, just call me Nicholas
First stepped into this cruel world, breathe that cruel air:30/01/97
2nd Home:New Town Primary
Gan Eng Seng School
Which subject i like the most: Mathematics and wish to have Additional maths
Love illusions, hate reality, love making friends in facebook when bored, love challenges, love giving presents to girls[SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN], Love photography, want to capture everything, every moment in my life!!
What I wanna be when I grew up: I dunno leh, you guyz suggest larh!!!
Most anonymous things i do: 'Learn' from peoples blog javascript and put it in my blog[copycat, MEOWW!!!],
What i wish:Nothing, just wanna have a happy family and friends and that's all i want[Simple but yet hard]

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
now very sian, want to play audition with licia but i couldnt, something wrong with my com, auto-patcher not responding, full version need to wait very long...sianz\\\
damn sad :(

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
OMFG... I couldnt believe that Mr AJ called me today... I thought I received complaint from someone but Hey... he was like...

AJ: Erm, Nic-ker-less, may I speak to Nic-ker-less

Mummy:Nic-ker-less??? Oh Hold on a minute...Nicholas!!! Nicholas!!!

Nic:Hello, yes speaking...
AJ: Good Afternoon Nicholas, AJ here, i am here to tell you that Mr VJ accidentally deleted all the photos you and...and the...whats her name??? Oh yeah, the the ermm...Shelly, yarh shelly, is it? Yarh, so I wonder if you could send me some pictures via email??? And I find THAT MR VJ AND MS BINDU HAVE SOME MISCOMMUNICATION....

Nic: Sure can, how many pictures you want?

AJ: Probably those group photos

Nic: Sure, but I need your email first

AJ: ok, sure... erm wait! What's my mail... oh yeah listen properly

Nic: Yeah, carry on

AJ: all small letter arh, erm erm, ab...ra...ham...underscore...jo...se...ph...@...moe...dot...edu...dot...sg

Nic: Oh, so is abraham_joseph@moe dot edu dot sg

AJ: yeah, ok so i await to see your photos and shelly's and yup, thats all

Nic: byex2

AJ: byex2
(phone put down)
Mummy eh... your teacher arh, @#$%^&, @#$%^&, @#$%^&, call your name also call wrongly!!!
Nic: OMG, OMFG, Sigh...

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it's time for me to change my BLOGSKINZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ...

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Thursday, November 4, 2010
Haiz, wth, holiday are here and my days are getting more and more boring, sigh...

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kinda tired today, met new friends... got taken by somebody, arrgh...

Rizwan keep talking about liying, liying and liying, wth, he still think that I lied to him that i gave up alr...sianzz, i dun lie, see? Melvin today keep on flirting flirting and flirting, nope, not blaming him, just what i see and what i feel only, well... shouldnt talk to liying anymore, later Melvin Lai will criticize me again and again and agian, i HATE him, i rather the one who suffer is me than letting people up to their jealousy...Jia Xin told me that you should fight for the girl i like, well, come to thinking, liying was right, this is not the right time, but i could feel that Melvin Lai and Liying was...

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Saturday, October 16, 2010
X.x sigh so bored today, haixx x.X

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Friday, October 15, 2010
Today was very fun... at first i was just doing my duty, which is taking photos of the thai visitors, however as I took photos of them along my way, I made new friends from Thailand and GESS, I started to know Cheryl from 2F and Philbert from 2E, both were SLs. Philbert was quiet, damn quiet, very guai. In opposite way, Cheryl, also 'quite' guai... but found out that she does not like to be taken by a camera, i still forced her, feel super sorry to her, she is kind of immature, i rmb seeing her before, she is from SJAB yeah...OMG i am younger than her, 1 month, i Jan 1997 she Dec 1996, i find that she is very cute, very very cute, found out that she is short looks like a sec 1, and snatches away the Nikon DSLR, i loved to joke with her...well she dun hit boys...so demure, OMG unlike other girls, I WANT HER TO BE MY JIE JIE(god-sister), that would be fun!!! I wonder if she knows Jimmy Low...

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Thursday, October 14, 2010
All papers that i attempt was screwed...
this is my first time maths getting 80 and below and not even that, i have not even reached 60, wth, not even that, i nearly failed english, today went to singapore river and shout as loud as i could, no one cares cuz they dunno me, i shout and i felt better, i had forgotten all my sad things that happened in exam, not only that, i kinda manage to forget a person now

this afternoon, found out that the person who i wanted to forget was kind of 'cheap', when i saw a boy started ------- to that person(dunno how to say, whether is hitting, disturbing, irritating, harassing, playing, i dunno what that boy did) when waiting for Mr AJ, it makes me even hate that boy and the person even more...
sigh, know that person for like 6-7 mths, then i know that it wasn't as pure as being a human...i am forgetting him/her now, i cant believe that he/she is such a person of 'like this' (NO OFFENCE) (dun wish to say the emotion) I am so immature......forget it, let bygones be bygones, take it as i regret i ---- her, forget her and start a 'new' life then... my life is not worth for this.

Tomorrow still need to take pict for Mr Prem, the Thai visitors are in GESS tomorrow, oh gosh forgot remind Meng Wei too, he photog skill better than mine, i jealous of him...JK...

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